"No, look at her. We can't kill her. See? She wants to die. I think we need to make her suffer instead. Killing her will do her a favor. How about we let her live instead so she lives out the rest of her life in pain?"
— M

M, whose name will not be mentioned, is a person in Nicole's life. He was introduced to her from a long chain of friends and their friendship went sour pretty fast. He and his (at the time) best friend who is known as D, were both in on causing as much physical and emotional pain to Nicole as possible.

Their behaviors changed in 2012 during the beginning of the first war. It's thought that M is linked to this someway, somehow. There is still no definite answer to this, just the timing is the only evidence provided.

On a daily basis Nicole would be drowned, slapped, punched, kicked, strangled, thrown, etc. all for entertainment. There was a good while she got a burn so bad that she wasn't able to leave the house in fear it would just get worse with the abuse she took. 

It was getting even worse when the two found their way to her house. They would drop frequent vists to ensure her she wasn't safe in her own home.

After 2013, M had disappeared. News from D reports that M had moved away. Unknown where, but Nicole and M lost contact pretty fast. It wasn't until 2016 Nicole had heard from M again. M called her while Nicole was in Duluth on vacation saying to meet him in the downtown area of her city, threatening he's back to remind her of what happened all those years ago.