"Should be simple enough. Look at my name. You seriously don't know who I am?"
— Matt.indykiewicz

Matt.indykiewicz, formerly an undercover Ivich who befriended Nicole just to get closer and dig out all useful information from in there. The two had met over a game, ACNL, and became good friends. Matt had been introduced to Nicole by Alex, who later disappeared. Matt insisted Nicole to message him on Snapchat rather than wait and get lucky over a 3DS chat. So, he gave her his Snapchat and she later gathered the courage to message him.

Right away Matt was a different person off screen. He demanded to know what was going on even though nothing about the Wiki Wars were said and there were no actions given by Nicole that made things seem off putting. She gave in after a lot of being shoved around and threatened.

Matt came to the Wiki and did a lot of talking. He was kicked from chat never came back. It wasn't until a month later Nicole received a call late at night from her cousin saying he got a message from someone asking where she is and if they could guide him. He asked Nicole if she knew this guy. When she asked for a name, her cousin replied "he says he's a hacker? His name is Matt?". Since she didn't want to drop any hints of what was really going on, she replied to him saying it was a friend of hers and to text her, not him.

Matt eventually got a new number and somehow got Nicole's number. Rather than things being violent, it was creepy. He would say things very out of place, even for previous events. Matt was eventually blocked on both Snapchat and her phone. He attempted to make a new one to evade the ban, but that too was blocked.