"You are not wrong. You fought to protect your world. Isn't that good enough? After all, justice in this world is just a bunch of principles made by those with power to suit themselves. No one really thinks of others, you will lose everything if you can not keep up. Only two kinds of people exist in this world; those who steal and those who are stolen from. So then, today, I just stole your future. That is all." -MrNovemberInsanity

MrNovemberInsanity is the last of all of Jon's accounts. He has previously signed under one known as "Vaas ??? Black". The middle part of the username is not remembered as of right now. This current account was made due to the fact he couldn't access his other account. He just so happened to sign up shortly before the 4/23 incident with Jagyel and Kalasta

At the time, IM STILL ALIVE told him about what was happening. He told her to drop a message to Jagyel saying he would like to speak with him soon. It is shown in one of the screenshots on Jagyel's page, too. 

After the 4/23 issue, Eyeless Jack got powers and MrNovemberInsanity is by far, besides Estian Estival, one of the most banned users during Eyeless Jack's Duplicity for standing up to him. He later helped vote Eyeless Jack out of power, which was later successful.

When summer came, he stopped coming on because he was too busy at the time. After this, he started coming on less and less. He changed his profile picture about a month or two ago, though. MrNovemberInsanity frequently drops into Wikia just to make sure all is well when he gets the chance. 

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