"Stay out of the shadows, for I own the Realm of Darkness." -NpSKullcrackaTheAssassin731

Skull came to the Wikia War Wiki from a situation much like the one that lead to the second war. There was an attack going from his Wiki and a mass of people were sent by someone that told them we may be the people to be able to help with their attack. 

Kayono messaged Nicole on Discord about this. Of all that came to the Wiki seeking help, Skull was the only person to stay back and hear about what the Venkon Army had to say and where their knowledge came from. The Venkons agreed to helping them with their situation in return of the answer as to what user sent them to the Wiki.

He was invited to the Discord chat. During his beginning, he was only a semi-active user. Skull's activity wouldn't come to grow until about late April and mid-May. Skull came to know the history of the armies better and their previous conflicts. His questions were directed to already existing pages and small explanations. 

Skull is a person that is very determined to help people to his fullest extent. Being the selfless person he is, he joined the Venkon Army hoping to protect the soldiers and eventually became one. On May 26th, 2017, Skull was accepted as a member of the Venkon Army. 

He has yet to experience any meetings with the members of the Ivich Army or The Many. Being lucky with joining as summer nears, he may get the chance to see important events unravel.

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