The Night Of SkyFall was a long awaited event since Wikia War II began. It was going to be placed between the users IM STILL ALIVE and SkyFall77 that took place on July 21st, 2014, in the field behind Nicole's house. However, the fight never happened because of a storm that struck the hour of the fight.

If the storm was something less of what happened that night, the fight may have happened. However, this storm was too dangerous for the both. The streets flooded, trees and power lines collapsed from lightning, three different sirens were going off and there was a possible chance for a tornado. Even though Nicole waited in the field for SkyFall, he never appeared and later said he left due to the bad weather.

Neither were considered victorious this night, but it was rather a sketchy night. It was unknown if SkyFall was going to turn around after the storm and strike unexpectedly. Most users were up for a while after this just to make sure nothing major happened while others were away.