"By all I mean us. By us I mean all."
— Noircandle

Noircandle is a user who came around in May 2015. He left in July and returned in February of the following year. He met IM STILL ALIVE on the Animal Jam Wiki Chat and was curious about her backstory. Noir was linked to the BD Wiki where he got to know the situation better.

He was an active user until July. His sudden and random disappearence was worrying, but it was dismissed as him getting caught up in other things. Noir told the users he had got mostly caught up in school. He is currently pending for the Venkon list and is hoping to be more active. 

Noir began to act strange. Like an Ivich some could say. Noir rarely ever comes to the Wiki anymore, but when he does, it's a surprise. It's unknown what causes this absence. 

The last time Noir was heard from, suspicious activity happened near the field and Noir himself acted very strange. They disappeared after a few days on the Wiki and didn't come back around until December.

After Noir came back yet again, he had continued to pull the same acts he had before. Faking being an Ivich (which none believed), giving out information, and all around being an issue. He has been banned since.