"If you know anything, I beg you to tell no one." -OcassionalLaughter

OcassionalLaughter was a desperate attempt at maintaining safety by Valkryie247.

After a few previous conversations with Nicole and Terry several months prior, Valk had scrolled through and skimmed over a couple articles. She wanted to help these people so badly but these articles shocked and overall terrified her, and she tried to just move on and not think about it.

Enter August 14th. Valk decided that creating OcassionalLaughter was the only was to stay safe. It was also the only way to cut the ties between her two Wikia lives. Her mostly happy, energetic, stress relieving administrator life on her main Wiki, and her somewhat grim, unsafe, "I don't know if I should be doing this" life on the Wikia War Wiki.

Valk got a bit carried away with the mysterious side of Oca. Though she had already covered up their typing style and personality pretty well, she added codes and countdowns that rose suspicions. She made a bigger deal about this than she probably should've.

As time went on, she couldn't keep the act up. She wanted to tell everyone so bad, and her ability to keep hiding under this boring, mostly uninteresting, typing way too darn well persona started to die.

On August 19th, she was at her breaking point. Luckily for her, her mysterious actions were taken as threats. Her IP was blocked, and Nicole had finally revealed that she figured it was the same person.

I say that this was lucky because, had I reached my breaking point I don't know what would have happened. No one would have gotten hurt, but I might have. I probably would've had a mental breakdown followed by.. I don't even want to know. I'm typing in first person again aren't I...

The edgy-ness, the typing styles, the personality, none of those were usual traits for Valk, and it was hard to keep up.. She didn't know how much longer she could last.

All is done now though.

Oca has taken off their mask and Valk is a coward no more.

okay well pssshhh, I'm still a coward but you get it

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