This rule is for any page you could make through this Wiki. It may be changed frequently, a new rule may rise when a disagreement is formed, and it will have strict consequences that will not be held back on. 

Unfinished pages/WIP

Unfinished pages or WIP's (work in progess) are acceptable here to a certain point. It is understood that while writing a page on a user or event takes time and research, so it may not get done all in one day if nobody else pitches in. However, as stated above, there are points where it will be taken down.

You may have a work in progress for a page, but it is expected to be finished. If the story is not finished in a suitable amount of time, it may or may not be deleted depending on what is done. However, making the page and not contributing anything will result in a warning. The next time will be a three day block.


Any doubles of pages that are made with new content or the same content will be deleted right away. You will be blocked for a day, no excuses.

Removing/Replacing Text

Removing and replacing any text in an article is known as vandalism. This means it's an unwanted edit that has no place or purpose on a Wiki. Whether this was intentional or you did not quite understand the issue, it will involve a ban indefinitely. If you wish to settle this with an admin, go ahead and search for one to contact here: 

If It Didn't Happen...

If the event never happened within the Wikia War, don't post anything about it. If you feel like it's going to happen, STILL don't post it. Solid information only! This will result in a block that will get larger each time you break this rule.


Please be sure to do your 100% best when it comes to writing blogs, pages, or leaving messages on talk pages. While someone will sooner or later edit your page, it's best you do your all so they aren't forced to do so much work. Also remember to not type up a wall o' text either, the enter button the make a new paragraph is quite important! Punctuation, capitalization, and all your basic writing skills apply to these pages!

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