This page is for you to add yourself to our army to stop the Ivichs. Please note that not EVERYBODY is going to get in. In order for you to have a chance, you will need to be well known by many, trusted, of age (13+), have made plenty of edits, and even have been here for a while.

Please put your username below this:

Users Awaiting Recruitment

  • CreatorMystic (Accepted)
  • Cruggles (Removed due to long absence)
  • DJShadoZombiz (Denied)
  • HDMaster (Denied)
  • Noircandle? (idk just want to be on the cool kids list) (Removed due to long absence)
  • Pleaser (Denied)
  • Flames of Phoenix (You Lied To Us. DENIED)
  • Insane Black Star (Accepted), (Removed)
  • devonisboss (Accepted), (Removed)
  • Spirit Dark Dragon (I will do what is right to help.I am at your service if you accept me in the army...) (Accepted), (Removed)
  • Hallowed424 (Hell yeah. Accepted), (Removed)
  • Terrios528 (Accepted)
  • BlackSmithy (Accepted)
  • Valkryie247 (OcassionalLaughter) (Accepted), (Removed)
  • Moonbear555 (Denied)
  • Adh0121 (Denied)
  • Skull the Assassin (Accepted)
  • Promise! (Denied)
  • Superwap12 (Accepted), (Removed/morally ill)
  • Messenger Deception, Messenger of Heaven (Accepted)
  • Kayono (Accepted)
  • Ahelpingspirit2174 (AKA, ROSINA)
  • PikminKader (AKA, Houdini (Accepted)

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