Phone 02 will be one of the most crucial pieces of past evidence in the wars. The second phone owned by Nicole was an iPhone 4s that she got in the 6th grade for Christmas. Though it was a nice gift, it would then stand to hold painful
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The second phone

reminders of what once was.

She knew her phone was monitored and would frequently delete what evidence she had in order to avoid questioning. It was used to take pictures of the second war chat logs (mostly bits of what SkyFall77 had to say) and sent to her friends that were in on helping with the situation and monitoring strange occurences in the city. She has already asked everyone and went through conversations from the past hoping to find anything of the chats, but no luck so far.

There is a way to get her pictures back, the only issue is that it may get sent to her mother. Of course it would cause issues, so she will wait until a later time to try to re-gain them. They're important pieces of the past wars and could be used to remember what there was back in 2014.

Until her phone history could be revived, it will not be touched for the sake of keeping this all a secret. She still doesn't know what she plans to do to have any chance at regaining them. She isn't even sure if she can go back so far into her phone history, but it's worth a shot.

With plan Picto, there is a small chance old war evidence will return.