"Everyone, spam 'can I get a boneless Ambrose dick' in chat."
— PikminKader

PikminKader, also known as Houdini by some, was on October 19th, 2017, a part of the Venkon Army. It was announced on May 31st, 2018, he did not plan to return. On January 3rd, 2017, he was introduced to the wikia by Shystar500, a friend and fellow student at his former school, and quickly became fascinated but still a quite doubtful of it. With time, and some persuasion from events he witnessed and partook in, he came to fully believe the happenings of the war.

Addendum, 7/5/18: Pikmin now goes by she/her pronouns.

The Road to Understanding

As previously mentioned, it did take Pikmin some time to fully come to terms with the war, and believe everything he was being fed. Through events such as a run-in with Forks, or, oddly enough, the 19th of July, he became faithful in that the wikia was truthful.

Alternate Account

Pikmin has but one alternate account, created on July 20th, 2017, which he has for the sole purpose of necessity in the event that he were to loose access to his main account, PikminKader. The alternate account's name, La Balourd, translates to The Oaf or The Imbecile in French.