Ambrose Malachai has left the Venkon Army with a big puzzle. The pieces are his words and what he has revealed so far. He is not direct on what he says, he leaves it cryptic. Below will be posted things from Ambrose himself we must recognize and try to piece together. If we can figure out what exactly happened and is happening, the war will go by faster than it is now.

Ambroses Puzzle

Claus. You are next. I'm coming for you. Vicole will watch you suffer. There will be nothing you can do to stop it. Torture soon awaits those who stay under Vicole's command.

I've found you. If you thought you could escape, you are sorely mistaken. You though this was a war, I'm sorry to say this is not a war. This is a massacre. There is no Venkonian Army. There is just me and you. In reality, it is just Ambrose Malachai.

And when all that is left is you

I will make you wait

Until the end. that does not come.

We? Its not a we Its a you. For Eons

Every form of you is the same

You are still too ignorant of the real world to understand what's even going on.

Because it is not for I to say

But for you to learn

And when you do, then the fun begins

As the chat says: Welcome to the end. Please accept your fate.

Utter annihilation of anything and everything that holds even the slightest value in your dear leaders heart. Including, but not limited to: You

Or is that the concept of what you seem to think is her age just because she was given a body with a name she didn't already have

But to explain it. Would be to ruin it. And I am not the one to upset a balance of force that not even I can began to comprehend.

The simplest? Since before you humans started logging time. I know that I yes am a human But I also know That I was not. Once upon a time, if you will. Just as neither was she.

But that is only because of why it started and why its continued for so long

I too am sorry that our creation was made to do this. for eons. I tire of it. Yet it is the only way we live on. Just know. Next time I come. I will not come to talk.

Potential can be forced out in many ways.

Or in this case


I have you this time

You are in your weaker form

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