"Each of them choose which side to balance out. Light or darkness is up to them. You can't change their minds. They've been stripped of anything human left in them."
— Ragnar Lothbrok

Ragnar Lothbrok got his username from the show Vikings. He had appeared about June of 2014. He explained that he had heard a lot of commotion about it all over Wikia, especially Community Central. However, this was hard to believe since that what was what everyone was saying at this point.

Nicole was quickly taken to a private message with Ragnar because she demanded to know the truth about him getting to the Wiki. Anyone at this point on the Wiki who was new and did not confess as to how they got there, regardless if they wanted to help, was banned. 

Ragnar said he really did hear about it on Community Central with some users, but the only one he remembered was MasterSkymning either freaking out or coming in for recruits. He was concerned about the event and begged to be let in to help. 

While he could not always be on Wikia, he did as much as he could to help out. He never stayed for too long as he always had something else to do. He gathered information such as some of their next planned attacks, newer Ivichs, who and who not to trust.

The alliance with Ragnar was broken after he had started demanding some power in the Wiki. He said he would benefit them greatly, but he was denied this because something about it was suspicious. And while he assisted the Venkons greatly, everyone knew there was something off about him.

When the Ivichs began to outnumber Venkons, Ragnar had been taken and not seen at that point. While there was a chance to get him back, it was far too demanding. 

On October 2nd, 2016, Ragnar joined the chat, right after X left. He accused Nicole of leaving him to die, and left. It was previously thought that Ragnar had died, so this greatly disturbed her. His last words to Nicole before he left were "I will come back."

Saved Chat: Ragnar Lothbrok's Return

Ragnar's account was hacked by an unknown person. There are just a few speculations as to which person it may be, but they will not be released. His account was banned for the vandalism the user in his account had caused. Ragnar has not made an effort to come back since his account was taken over.

His account ban was lifted and he has only made one appearance since. As to when it was lifted, it's unknown.