August 19th, 2014, the blog known as "M̰͍͎̟̰̰͕̓̃̓̓ͨĚ̬͕̥̂͐R͖̫ͨ͗ͯ̏͐̚C͉̻͈̘͛̎ͬ͌̚Y̘̊̿" was uploaded on the HB Wiki by Reinforced Cookies. The intentions or message to get across in the blog is still unknown. It was written in binary, but translated to the following:

"I know you. You may not know me, but I know you. Already, I sense fear in this world. Do not be afraid. That only weakens you. My kind have watched your affairs for quite some time. Perhaps... a couple thousand years, by your time. Time flies by. It takes with it life, and leaves behind annihilation. We are prisoners of Father Time, yielding eternally to his every whim and mercy. He is cruel, yet I am not. I am not here to prolong your suffering. I am here to cease it. Every time you dream, you look into another world. You may know me as something from a dream. And once more, I feel fear. Perhaps a nightmare would be more fitting. Unless you fear for your life. Do not worry. I am not here for you. Each day passes and I grow closer. I come for all of you. Time... flies... by. Next day you spend, know that you have spent another twenty four hours of your mortal life in waste. Can you feel me getting closer? I know I can. Oh, but I haven't introduced myself yet. Then again, I need not. Enter your fear. Let your weakness flow. I'm almost here.