Welcome to the report page! Here, you may report a user you may suspect of being/becoming CrackedCorrupt, or even a Traitor. If you are here to report a user for breaking the rules that do not fall under the Venkon Rule category, please go see an admin about this. Thank you!


  • Do not form any arguments, especially if you see your name appear here.
  • Do not delete any reports made.
  • Do not edit reports unless it is a grammatical error or to make your own.
  • Please wait a while before reporting. We can't go off of one or two actions.
  • You don't have to sign your username here. 
  • Please make another heading per user.
  • If you have any screenshots, please do put them here. Please screenshot the whole window and show us your inspect element fully. Aside from screenshots, please post any other forms of evidence you may have.
  • Be patient while we look over your report. Only post once. However, you may update your report if anything is found.