Before the Night Watch came Reversed. It was TheScarletDevil24Horizons are Limited, and MaskedManClaus who began Reversed under IM STILL ALIVE's okay. TheScarletDevil24 reported weird actions coming from Within Hubris, and at first were right away assumed to be another uprising. The assumptions came from the fact that the second war had just happened a while ago. 

TheScarletDevil24, Horizons are Limited, and MaskedManClaus were in on causing the chaos. They were going to troll their chat room, spam, and be a nuisance over all. It was to distract them and get some partial revenge for what was assumed partially their fault at the least. Nicole took no part in it until later, as she had to maintain other things for the time being.

This is the first record of the Venkons ever attacking first. However, because of TheScarletDevil24's false information (which may have been intentional), it caused a lot of problems. It was rightfully deserved. Though, the actions taken were a bit over the limit. 

The consequences were insanity, the Night Watch, and losing potential help. To top it, AmbroseMalachai, the leader of the Ivichs, finally dropped by.