After more observations, it can be confirmed that the placement of the war so far only follows Nicole while she's on the right side of her house (while inside, it is right, outside being left). Yes, it has followed away from her house. The appearances of the Ivichs while at home have only ever followed her as long as she is as close as can be to the left/right wall (again, depending on where you are). 

  • The first war signs came when Nicole was sitting up against the wall in her old room against that wall.
  • It followed when she was sitting in the living room against that wall. 
  • Now in the basement, it still focuses on that wall.
  • The Tower corruption began after being plugged into a far right/left outlet.

More looking in has yet to be done to even begin to understand a small significance of the positions it takes in the house, so this may be updated in the future. A future test will be plugging in The Tower to another wall.

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