• When accepted, you are not allowed to tell your parents, friends, family of any kind or ANYBODY about this place or the situation.
  • You cannot have any history with helping the Ivichs. If while in the Venkon Army you consider it or even threaten to join, you will be removed.
  • You must contribute to the war in some way. Ranging from data and fighting. All work is appreciated.
  • You cannot be on both sides. You cannot live with a foot on both sides. You must choose one. 
  • You also are not allowed to leave the Venkon Army momentarily for the Ivichs and switch back. Your choice must be definite.
  • While in the Army, you cannot spite or hurt other users. While minor aruging and reasonable arguing is allowed, you must either attempt to get along, or just do not communicate with one another.
  • Show respect to people of higher authority than you. While you may argue ideas with anybody, you must do as you're told.
  • Do not join just for moderator rights. Gaining rights takes time, so be patient.
  • If you join, you are at least expected to check in here and there. If you leave without say, you will be removed until your return.
  • Understand that if you are suspected of having any alternate accounts that violate the Wiki Rules, an IP check will be sent to Wikia Staff without your consent. If the check comes back as matching, you will be blocked without a second chance. Do not fight back.
  • While you are free to advertise, please do not be excessive to other communities about it.
  • If you are caught asking someone to harass us, that will result in both of you in a ban.
  • Do not ask for information regardless of how well you think you know a person.
  • Giving out false information about any user will not be tolerated. Regardless if they are a Venkon Soldier, an Ivich, or just any random user; this will result in a punishment.
  • Do not make alternate accounts to pretend to be an Ivich just for fake victories.
  • Love outside the army (Venkon & Ivich relationships) is forbidden.

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