On 7/29/16, SanguineS had came to chat announcing he had a gift of sorts for the Venkons. He never specified what it would be, though. Because IM STILL ALIVE wasn't on the chat at the time he was announcing this, Spirit Dark Dragon emailed her of the warning. The message was:

Nicole, we have a problem. SanguineS has a gift for us Venkons. He went on WW and left without any of us being on. 

By her saying "without any of us being on," it means they were not focused on the chat room until it was too late. Sanguine's gift is still unknown, so we wait.

On 9/21/2016, SanguineS said his gift was coming soon. The wait for it is still going, but all can be seen in these two logged chats: Saved Chat: 9/21/16, SanguineS and Shystar500 and Saved Chat: 9/21/16 SanguineS.

9/22/16: What We Know

  • It's going to help us.
  • It's coming soon.
  • The gift is going to be brought publicly. 
  • Ambrose despises it.
  • Sanguine possibly wasn't alone making it.

It seems now that he is no longer wanting to produce this "gift"