Much after MaskedManClaus left the Ivich Army and Wysteriaa befriended SanguineS, Sanguine started coming to chat more and more, often dropping cryptic hints at the gift he was going to give. The discussion of the gift shifted from there to him talking about how he wants to leave the Ivich Army out of absolute terror of Ambrose Malachai. He claimed that he was abused in various ways. He wanted to leave.

Sanguine confessed to the Venkons that at first he was joking around and playing along as he did not believe them. He decided it would be in his best interest to keep up the rouse a bit longer until it too got real for him. After finding out all of the war is real, he was never really the same. 

The Venkon Army offered to help Sanguine escape the Ivich Army. At the many suggestions he got about it, he continued to stay on the Ivichs side only because he did not want to have to suffer the consequences of what could come to him. Almost on a weekly basis he would come to chat only to tell more of what it was like in his position and vent on how much he hated it. Yet, he never took the Venkons offer.

This did not stop them, though. They continued to push Sanguine to hop on board with the Venkons. They were afraid of a repeat of the Ivich Refuge and copying what happened to SkyFall77, but they needed to be fast about rescuing him.

Changing Sanguine was never easy. He had a hard time seeing the Venkon ways over the Ivich ways. A lot of the attempts to change his viewpoint would fail, but that didn't mean they would give up on trying. Weeks and weeks of devotion had finally paid off as Sanguine became a much more mellow person and knew the right from wrong. He was finally set free from Ambrose and was in the care of the Venkons.

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