~Ragnar Lothbrok has come to the war room~

~Ragnar Lothbrok has been kicked by IM STILL ALIVE~

10:13 IM STILL ALIVE: no

10:13 Hallowed424: Nope Heh

10:13 OsirisYT: gonna enter some xbox one S sweepstakes

10:13 Shystar500: Not that shit

10:13 BlackSmithy: why tho

~Ragnar Lothbrok has come to the war room~

10:13 Terrios528: DENIED, AK

10:13 OsirisYT: 500 entries

10:13 BlackSmithy: stop kicking him plox

10:13 OsirisYT: 1000 idk

10:13 BlackSmithy: let him speak

10:13 Shystar500: Oh fuck off already

10:13 Ragnar Lothbrok: Now that I am free to be here.


10:14 BlackSmithy: dont kick him nicole. do not kick ragnar

10:14 Hallowed424: What do you want Ragnar

10:14 Terrios528: Got off the Skype call with Ambrose?

10:14 Ragnar Lothbrok: I will not take orders from you.

10:14 IM STILL ALIVE: oh fight me srsly just go for the night we got our fill of this shit

10:14 BlackSmithy: Ragnar, amb threatened you.

10:14 Ragnar Lothbrok: I do not care.

10:14 IM STILL ALIVE: i would care

10:14 BlackSmithy: He can kill you. He will kill you.

10:14 Terrios528: He almost did before

10:15 IM STILL ALIVE: ragnar plz im doing this for ur own safety i still care about u

10:15 BlackSmithy: If she didn't care, she wouldn't have had a panic attack.

10:15 Ragnar Lothbrok: He is not here, so I am fine.

10:16 Terrios528: Just as you

10:16 IM STILL ALIVE: ur not fine ur fucking crazy

10:16 Terrios528: They're watching

10:16 Ragnar Lothbrok: Then let them appear here.

10:16 Terrios528: Ragnar

10:16 IM STILL ALIVE: ragnar i will ban u

10:16 BlackSmithy: no

10:16 Terrios528: Nikki

10:16 BlackSmithy: Nicole

10:16 IM STILL ALIVE: not for infinite

10:16 Terrios528: Can I ask Ragnar a question

10:16 BlackSmithy: don't do this

10:16 IM STILL ALIVE: yea i dnt dictate ur questions lol fine i wont unless fuckface comes back

10:17 BlackSmithy: ok, good

10:17 Ragnar Lothbrok: I believe I am fine. He does not have authority over me. I am a free spirit.

10:18 Terrios528: Tell me, from your side, what happened after Nikki lost contact with you

10:18 Ragnar Lothbrok: I would rather not.

10:18 IM STILL ALIVE: i cnt breathe help

10:18 OsirisYT: ragnar where did you get your profile picture

10:18 Shystar500: Nikki, just concentrate

[Lost chat]

10:21 Terrios528: You either die a hero

10:21 Ragnar Lothbrok: I hope I get to see the day you choke on your own blood, Nicole

10:21 Terrios528: Or live long enough to be a villain. Ragnar.

10:22 BlackSmithy: And what is a hero, terri?

10:22 Terrios528: The better question, is what is a man?

10:22 Hallowed424: and if she does ragnar, i hope to see the people who watched burn

10:23 BlackSmithy: and the cycle continues

~Ragnar Lothbrok has gone to battle~

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