2:47 SanguineS Fuck chat Sorry 2:47

Shystar500 Nah, the same thought occurs to me daily. So...? 2:48

SanguineS Why? 2:49

Shystar500 My tablet thinks it's funny to reload pages. 2:50

SanguineS Stupid machine. 2:50

Shystar500 Agreed. Hey, quick question. 2:50

SanguineS yes? 2:50

Shystar500 Why exactly are you here? Do you need something? 2:50

SanguineS Really, I don't know. 2:51

Shystar500 Fair point. 2:51

SanguineS Yea You asked then Well I don't know what's going on. I thought ambrose is a fiction. 2:52

Shystar500 Honestly, I did too. But he's real. 2:53

SanguineS Yeah, I feel. 2:53

Shystar500 Feel..? Nevermind. What do you mean you don't know what's going on? 2:55

SanguineS He can touch me... in a very painful way. Because I laughed at him. Uh I'll explain you. 2:56

Shystar500 Be my guest. 2:58

SanguineS I thought it was a joke. Then hackers have written to me. After a long time in the course of conversations with Claus, I saw something. I spoke with someone else, and then I felt that there is something wrong. I said it to Claus then... and he didn't understand 2:59

Shystar500 Hmm. 2:59

SanguineS I ignored it and then it was my mistake I felt the presence of 3:00

Shystar500 of...? 3:00

SanguineS then he suddenly hit me I don't know whats going on, really. I'm afraid 3:00

Shystar500 Understandable 3:01

SanguineS He hurts my body 3:01

Shystar500 So he physically abuses you. 3:01

SanguineS I think. 3:02

Shystar500 You think? 3:03

SanguineS When I talked with Claus, when I felt the "presence", suddenly I thought "he isn't good" or something. Claus something made me 3:04

Shystar500 So you think Claus is a threat. 3:05

SanguineS Just I heard I can't trust him Then Well after a few days he pleaded guilty to treason This voice was good. 3:06

Shystar500 Hmm. 3:06

SanguineS but the owner of that voice is bad I'm caught 3:07

Shystar500 ? 3:08

SanguineS At the moment there is silence But I know that he is now angry. 3:08

Shystar500 Fuck. Then go if you have to 3:08

SanguineS I should not be here, really. Uh I thought I was important to him. BUT NO 3:10

Shystar500 Honestly, I don't think he values anyone. 3:11

SanguineS We never talked softly. Trust me. Tyrant. I feel like a punching bag. 3:12

Shystar500 That must suck. 3:12

SanguineS Why he doesn't beat other hackers but only me 3:13

Shystar500 I'm... not sure. 3:13

SanguineS I need your help, venkons 3:13

Shystar500 We'll try. 3:13

SanguineS I think that the holy water will not help But Wait I'll try 3:14

Shystar500 Trying is good. 3:15

SanguineS I hope I don't die from it, huh 3:15

Shystar500 That's a gloomy idea. 3:15

SanguineS I'll go to church, though it is funny 3:16

Shystar500 Heh. 3:16

SanguineS Im afraid. 3:16

Shystar500 Aren't we all? 3:17

SanguineS Yeah. These nightmares are destroying my body. I can't sleep here He is a tyrant. 3:18

Shystar500 No kidding... 3:18

SanguineS What. 3:18

Shystar500 That's he's a tyrant. It sounds awful with him. 3:18

SanguineS Huh... I was not here all the time. Because I wanted to deal with this. 3:20

Shystar500 With what? 3:20

SanguineS With... it. 3:21

Shystar500 The war, the pain..? 3:21

SanguineS with his voice Yes. I have to go. NOW. 3:21

Shystar500 Go, quickly.

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