- Note: Around 3:00 AM -

Shystar500 Any reasoning to why you're here right now? 2:57

SanguineS I shouldn't be here, yes? 2:58

Shystar500 Well, considering the time of day, no one is really here. 2:58

SanguineS Another time zone 2:59

Shystar500 Mhm. 2:59

SanguineS And I'm waiting. 2:59

Shystar500 For what...? 2:59

SanguineS I am not sure what. Just. 3:00

Shystar500 Is it important? 3:00

SanguineS I think, yes. 3:01

Shystar500 Any ideas to what it is? 3:02

SanguineS I can not say. A lot is still to come 3:02

Shystar500 Obviously. 3:02

SanguineS Yea. 3:03

Shystar500 Hmm. Well, continue waiting, I guess. 3:03

SanguineS Yes. 3:03

Shystar500 I really need sleep, sorry. 3:04

SanguineS Go. 3:05

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