• Before ISA joined, only Tyguy.00 and Eyeless Jack talking with Ambrose
  • Second half saved when ISA came in
After many months of AmbroseMalachai being absent, he appeared again March 30th, 2016. Nicole, Eyeless Jack, and Tyguy.00 were there to witness it.

11:45 Tyguy.00: Potential doesn't always show itself you know..

11:45 Eyeless Jack: Why are you still here? Isn't the classic Ambrose mentality to live a quizzical fucking riddle and then disappear for months?

11:45 Tyguy.00: Great question, why are you here?

11:45 AmbroseMalachai: Potential can be forced out in many ways.

11:45 Tyguy.00: Not exactly

11:46 AmbroseMalachai: All it takes is a shove in the right direction.

Or in this case

11:46 Tyguy.00: It's the mind that can be forced, not the person

11:46 AmbroseMalachai: DOwnfall

~Welcome to the Wikia War Wikia chat~

A bit of the conversation was lost, so timeskip

11:47 AmbroseMalachai: I'm going to ignore both of those statements

And leave you with this


11:48 Tyguy.00: Yes?

11:48 IM STILL ALIVE: Wht r u here for

11:48 AmbroseMalachai: Persistence

11:48 Tyguy.00: Pain is in the mind

11:48 AmbroseMalachai: Power

11:48 Tyguy.00: All of them are


11:48 AmbroseMalachai: You can't achieve any of these things

11:48 IM STILL ALIVE: wait

11:48 AmbroseMalachai: I have you this time

You are in your weaker form

11:48 IM STILL ALIVE: ambrose

y r u hunting me