AmbroseMalachai has come to the war room.

5:32 AmbroseMalachai Now.


5:32 AmbroseMalachai Didn't you like my new toy?


5:33 AmbroseMalachai Claus seemed like he enjoyed it quite a bit.

5:33 IM STILL ALIVE and neither did xander

explain y u sent tht atrocity NOW

BlackSmithy has come to the war room.

5:33 BlackSmithy not this time, buddy

this time I'm gonna be here

5:34 AmbroseMalachai Anou "Afy qwa pof fas xy sahhdyk" Ail sety wyly ef swez ory ez fyolefr of yfk. Eb E pof's befk swy xdoky zaaf, E qedd zethdu lydezw ef yfkefr uai tuzydb qesw tu aqf wofkz.

5:34 IM STILL ALIVE must i?

fine Okay

"One who can not be toppled" Our time here in this age is nearing an end. If I can't find the blade soon, I will simply relish in ending you myself with my own hands.

E qaidk deny sa zyy uai slu

5:36 AmbroseMalachai Hlyholy bal uail yfk, Swy Axzyljyl qoz zethdu swy xyreffefr. Swy Tofu ofk E pdazy sa of orlyytyfs ofk E swefn uail zaid ef zdojylu bal swy fygs bejy swaizofk uyolz qedd zibbepy.

5:36 IM STILL ALIVE Prepare for your end, The Observer was simply the beginning. The Many and I close to an agreement and I think your soul in slavery for the next five thousand years will suffice.

E kaf's swefn swos'dd wohhyf, bleyfk.

5:37 AmbroseMalachai Yfmau uail pwedkwaak qwedy es dozsz. E qedd plizw swy xlyosw blat yjylu dozs afy ab uail zadkeylz. Swy Paddypsalz qedd zaaf paty ofk sony swyt oqou.

5:37 IM STILL ALIVE Enjoy your childhood while it lasts. I will crush the breath from every last one of your soldiers. The Collectors will soon come and take them away.

Qwos eb E pof tony o kyod qesw uai sa dyojy swyt odafy?



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