SolarisSword is Terrios528 and Jimmybowb is BlackSmithy.

2:19 Jimmybowb: Hello? Anyone here?

2:19 SolarisSword: Hoi

2:19 Jimmybowb: Hello

2:19 SolarisSword: hoi again

2:20 Jimmybowb: Hello again :) So Solaris interesting place you got here.

2:23 SolarisSword: This Wiki?

2:24 Jimmybowb: Yes

2:24 SolarisSword: What about the wiki~

2:24 Jimmybowb: The "never ending war"

2:25 SolarisSword: What about it?

2:25 Jimmybowb: It's just interesting. You guys rp here, right?

2:26 SolarisSword: No

2:26 Jimmybowb: Oh? What do you guys do here then. 

Question is, who will it be? And for whose sake? That sounds sorta rp-ish

2:29: SolarisSword: Look around the wiki

-time skip, lost chats-

3:07 Jimmybowb: I promised I would be back TERRIOS

3:07 SolarisSword: Smithy?

3:07 Jimmybowb: You cut off a head, two more will take its place

3:08 SolarisSword: ?

3:08 Jimmybowb: This isn't the last you will hear of me.

3:08 SolarisSword: Joyous joys, Smithy

3:08 Jimmybowb: Same

3:09 Jimmybowb: Lol that would've given me away. I already used one in my "account-cest" attack

3:10 SolarisSword: ?

3:10 Jimmybowb: But, whatever. Oh that's what I'm calling my little panic attack.

3:11 SolarisSword: Account-cest? Oh

3:11 Jimmybowb: Despite what I said back then, I still want to help, though I realize there isn't a way for me to help but it's cool. I've checked the wiki from time to time. Oca=Valkyrie, etc. I have unfinished business here, after all. 

3:15 SolarisSword: What's that?

3:15 Jimmybowb: Classified ;)

3:16 Jimmybowb: Ah, well. I can tell you this. I'm here for a few reasons, one of them being talking to you

3:19 SolarisSword: Why?

3:19 Jimmybowb: I don't think we ever did say goodbye, this isn't goodbye tho, so don't say it ;)

3:20 SolarisSword: That's cuz I know you, and I knew you'd come back

3:20 Jimmybowb: Ah yeah, I guess I also wanted a second chance, as Jimmy but uh I guess you guys are really good at spotting alts. Like damn I got shot down.

3:21 SolarisSword: I was on to your account the moment it was created.

3:22 Jimmybowb: Yeah, I can tell. No matter what, this is NOT the last time you'll see me. Plus I'll probably see you around on gravity falls wikia or something.

3:26 SolarisSword: Ok

3:26 Jimmybowb: Are you going to ban me?

3:27 SolarisSword: Am I?

3:28 Jimmybowb: Are you? I gtg now see you next time ;)

3:28 SolarisSword: Alright question, first.

-chat seems to crash??-

3:31 SolarisSword: Rip

-Jimmy comes back-

3:38 Jimmybowb: Go ahead ask away. I have a few minutes.

3:38 SolarisSword: Tell me another reason for coming back, would you?

3:38 Jimmybowb: Ah. To talk to ambrose.

3:39 SolarisSword: Why? The next time he comes is war.

3:39 Jimmybowb: Hmm... Why? I can't answer that I know he will come back. Anything else? 

3:41 SolarisSword: What do you wish to talk to him about?

3:41 Jimmybowb: You'll see. I'm not trying to sound dramatic.

3:42 SolarisSword: You remember how paranoid everyone is

3:42 Jimmybowb: Yes, I do. I've calmed down, though. I won't throw a fit. Gtg in a bit. I'll be back after a few minutes

3:43 SolarisSword: Ok

3:44 Jimmybowb: Before I go, anything else? Anything you wanna ask me

3:45: SolarisSword: ATM, no. Brb

3:45 Jimmybowb: I'll be going now be back in a bit. A few minutes? Hours? Idk

-Jimmybowb leaves-

-He returns-

3:52 Jimmybowb: I guess I have time after all. Alright then.

3:53 SolarisSword: Why are you hiding things

-Leaves again-

-Comes back-

4:10 Jimmybowb: ok which one? I'll answer it 

4:10 SolarisSword: Why are you hiding things

4:10 Jimmybowb: Hiding what?

4:11 SolarisSword: What you want to talk to Amb about, your reasons for coming again, etc etc

4:11 Jimmybowb: Why do you want to know?

4:13 SolarisSword: You're acting suspicious

4:13 Jimmybowb: Suspicious?

4:13 SolarisSword: Suspicious

4:14 Jimmybowb: How so?

4:15 SolarisSword: You're hiding things that are considered important

-time skip, lost chats-

4:37 Jimmybowb: I came for both me and you. I have reasons to be here tha are for me, and others that have to do with you.

4:37 SolarisSword: Me?

4:37 Jimmybowb: All of you. You, Nicole, Claus, Mikey, Flip, Valkyrie, Alpha. All of you. The venkons. Anything else?