~SanguineS has come to the war room.~

3:51 Terrios528: Hey Sanguine

3:51 SanguineS: Hi

3:52 Terrios528: What did you mean yesterday?

3:52 SanguineS: ...

3:53 Terrios528: Do you know what happened yesterday

3:53 SanguineS: Yes

3:54 Terrios528: And what do you think of that?

3:54 SanguineS: I... know something.

3:55 Terrios528: Can you say what?

3:55 SanguineS: I feel great pain when I want to say.


3:56 Terrios528: I think that means they don't want you to say it to us, which probably means its important

Can you say anything about it?

3:56 SanguineS: There are... more secrets than you THINK

3:56 Terrios528: Okay

4:01 SanguineS: Why you cannot discover the future?

4:02 Terrios528: What do you mean?

4:03 SanguineS: This is one little thing in front of you, which you don't see.

4:04 Terrios528: That I can't see? Or the Venkons? Or some other group entirely?

4:04 SanguineS: They are always ones step ahead of you.


Venkons can't see

4:05 Terrios528: The future?

4:06 SanguineS: Yes.

There is more to say.

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