The chat was discovered 8/11/16 on 6Lorde6's message wall. 6Lorde6 and Common Foundation, known as Xerox180 at the time, were discussing a block Xerox got on the second Wiki. Xerox thought it was all a roleplay from their conversation. 6Lorde6 was outraged about Xerox's block and was trying to work out him coming back. A chat between IM STILL ALIVE and ΘΣ.


9:06 ΘΣ: Αυτός ο τύπος της Xerox είναι αρκετά σχηματικό ...right Pi Xi? 

9:07 IM STILL ALIVE: And he would quit bitching about it if he didn't care

ΘΣ's text roughly translates to "This Xerox guy is pretty sketchy".

Xerox was sketchy for his time because for one he came from nowhere, and two, 6Lorde6 and him seemed to know each other pretty well. Our suspicions on him weren't wrong, either.

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