~DarkHeart413 has come to the war room.~

9:08 DarkHeart413: hello?

9:08 CaptainPhasmaIsTheBest: hi

9:08 PikminKader: Hi

9:08 DarkHeart413: amazingly not as hostile as we used to be

9:08 CaptainPhasmaIsTheBest: ?

9:09 Leapord: Hellloooi

9:09 DarkHeart413: none of you know me?

~BlackSmithy has gone to battle~ 

9:09 PikminKader: I'm new here, so no.

9:09 CaptainPhasmaIsTheBest: i am new too

~BlackSmithy has come to the war room.~ 

9:09 CaptainPhasmaIsTheBest: who are you

9:09 PikminKader: Welcome back Smithy.

9:09 DarkHeart413: I'm Brandon...

9:09 Leapord: Wait

9:09 DarkHeart413: Nicole has seriously said nothing?

9:09 Leapord: BRANDON?????

9:09 DarkHeart413: Hiya Leapord!

9:09 BlackSmithy: I knew something would happen

9:10 Leapord: Holy crap dude

9:10 BlackSmithy: wait, who are you?

9:10 DarkHeart413: Brandon.

I am Brandon.

9:10 Leapord: I though you got banned???!!!

9:10 BlackSmithy: Have I seen you before?

9:10 DarkHeart413: I would hope you would know something about me.

I was the one who broke the news Nicole got caught up in the fight and had to be dragged home.

9:10 Hallowed424: Ok, idk you

9:10 BlackSmithy: EmoGamer?

That brandon?

9:11 DarkHeart413: I was there to help with Eyeless Jack and his crazy thing.


9:11 Hallowed424: But nicole is currently either choking or passed out from choking

9:11 DarkHeart413: I have 3 accounts.

That's still happening?

9:11 Hallowed424: Its gotten worse

With excruciating pain

9:11 DarkHeart413: I have known her since 2014.


9:11 DarkHeart413: This has been happening since.

9:11 Hallowed424: Ik

9:11 BlackSmithy: I eon't think anyone's died tho


9:12 DarkHeart413: Long story short my tablet and 2ds got destroyed by my younger niece.

9:12 Hallowed424: Not simce her friends did

So who are you

9:12 DarkHeart413: For goodness sake people!


9:12 Hallowed424: Explain how you know nicole

9:12 Leapord: xD

9:12 BlackSmithy:

ugh forgot www

9:13 DarkHeart413: We met on Animal Crossing New Leaf.

9:13 Leapord: His seem here longer then me i think

9:13 BlackSmithy:

9:13 DarkHeart413: You weren't too far off Leapord.

9:13 BlackSmithy: links y u no work


there we go

9:13 Hallowed424: So why are you here

9:14 DarkHeart413: Well I was gone for so damn long I thought it would be nice to come back and see how everyone is doing.

is that a problem?

9:14 Leapord: No fam

9:14 Hallowed424: Sorry, just problems

9:14 Leapord: *na

9:14 DarkHeart413: It seems like the everyone I knew isn't here anymore...

Except Leapord and Nicole..

9:14 Hallowed424: Yup


9:14 BlackSmithy: A whole lot has changed

9:14 DarkHeart413: Can somebody fill me in?

9:14 BlackSmithy: a. Whole. Fucking. Lot.

9:14 Hallowed424: Dylan

9:14 CaptainPhasmaIsTheBest: times are changing

9:15 BlackSmithy: The loop happened

9:15 DarkHeart413: I left early 2015.

9:15 BlackSmithy: fuck that shit btw

9:15 Hallowed424: Claus is here still

9:15 BlackSmithy: ^

9:15 DarkHeart413: One at a time guys.

Start from the earliest point.

9:15 Leapord: xD

9:15 DarkHeart413: Someone else, get ahold of Nicole.

9:15 BlackSmithy: AmbroseMalachai came back

9:15 CaptainPhasmaIsTheBest: if u know solo

she is here too

9:15 DarkHeart413: Shoot me.

9:15 BlackSmithy: Quite a few times

9:16 Hallowed424: Hey brandon

9:16 BlackSmithy: last time he came was in august

9:16 DarkHeart413: Yes?

9:16 Hallowed424: Once shes out we cant get her back till she wakes up

9:16 DarkHeart413: I wouldn't worry about her dying.

9:16 Hallowed424: Ik

9:16 BlackSmithy: Brandon, here's 2016 2016 Recap

9:16 Hallowed424: But its gotten to the point of that

9:16 DarkHeart413: Guys.

9:16 BlackSmithy: There's no 2015 page

9:16 Leapord: Ya?

9:17 DarkHeart413: You're seriously worried about the one person who can practically make things appear from thin air?

9:17 Hallowed424: I've been with her when she has passed out before in the early school year

9:17 DarkHeart413: And just get about anywhere in the world whenever?

9:17 CaptainPhasmaIsTheBest: ?

9:17 Hallowed424: Huh?


9:17 DarkHeart413: Nicole.

9:17 BlackSmithy: She can fucking teleport?


she never told us that

9:17 DarkHeart413: Well the Nicole we knew.

What happened to that?

9:18 Hallowed424: She can't. If she did then tell me where it went

9:18 DarkHeart413: It?

9:18 Hallowed424: The power

~Terrios528 has come to the war room.~ 

9:18 DarkHeart413: I wasn't here if it went away.

Hi stranger!

9:18 BlackSmithy: Fuck tho

9:18 PikminKader: Welcome back Terri.

9:18 BlackSmithy: that's really fucking cool

9:18 CaptainPhasmaIsTheBest: hi terri

9:18 BlackSmithy: nicole can teleport holy fuck

9:19 Terrios528: Who dis @DarkHeart

9:19 PikminKader: EmoGamer


9:19 Terrios528: Oh, I see

9:19 DarkHeart413: What kind of Nicole do you happen to know?

I'm actually very concerned about that..

9:20 Terrios528: "What Kind of Nicole" what

9:20 Hallowed424: Wth do you mean

9:20 DarkHeart413: I mean

You're positive it's her right?

9:20 Leapord: What part of her

9:20 Hallowed424: Yes we are

9:20 BlackSmithy: She was different back then?

9:20 Leapord: Yes

9:20 Hallowed424: Fucking hell

Her breathing

9:20 DarkHeart413: Sounds like she's different now, but

9:20 Hallowed424: Its on and off


There are clones of us


9:21 BlackSmithy: ^

9:21 DarkHeart413: I know of these clones, I was there for that...

9:21 BlackSmithy: No

not just IM STILL DEAD

9:21 Hallowed424: Not for claus and terri

9:21 BlackSmithy: claus has one

9:21 Leapord: I wasn't I mean I was there but I wasn't there

9:22 BlackSmithy: terri has one the fuck?

9:22 DarkHeart413: Well it's been long enough.

9:22 BlackSmithy: Terri has a clone?

9:22 DarkHeart413: 2016 sounds like a really shitty year for you.

9:22 Hallowed424: And they are getting bodies aparently.

9:22 CaptainPhasmaIsTheBest: smithy are u serious

9:22 DarkHeart413: Hello!

9:22 CaptainPhasmaIsTheBest: wb shy

9:22 BlackSmithy: Yes

I had no idea terri had a clone

9:22 Shystar500: guess who passed out

9:22 PikminKader: You?

9:22 BlackSmithy: Eonte?

9:22 Hallowed424: Her breathing it cold again


9:23 DarkHeart413: And you know this how?

9:23 BlackSmithy: He's there

9:23 Hallowed424: Claus learned how to tell of she is breathing

9:23 BlackSmithy: Never mind xd

9:23 Hallowed424: And from him, i learnes

9:23 DarkHeart413: I miss Claus.

9:23 Hallowed424: Learned*

9:23 BlackSmithy: :O

I want to do that



9:23 Leapord: No you dont

9:23 Hallowed424: We are both close enough to get to her if something happened

9:23 DarkHeart413: Why not?

9:24 Hallowed424: It takes a lot of patience and concentration

To feel her breathing

9:24 Leapord: ^^^

9:24 Hallowed424: And you need to know them personally

9:24 BlackSmithy: Are you implying I don't have patience or concentration?

9:24 Shystar500: yes

9:24 Leapord: Yup

9:24 Hallowed424: Yup

9:24 BlackSmithy: You don't know me

9:24 Leapord: Yes

9:25 PikminKader: I don't know you well enough to give you an answer to that, but I'll give into mob mentality and say yes.

9:25 DarkHeart413: Ok, reading all this concerns me a lot.

9:25 Hallowed424: I can sit here and make things out of paper

9:25 BlackSmithy: I can learn to do that

9:25 Hallowed424: Takes patience

9:25 DarkHeart413: Has she become soft?

9:25 Hallowed424: A lot of it

9:25 BlackSmithy: The wonderful thing about being a human is that you can learn how

9:25 Hallowed424: Bo


9:25 DarkHeart413: Are you sure?

9:25 Hallowed424: No she hasnt

9:25 Leapord: ^

9:25 PikminKader: ^

9:26 Hallowed424: She can hide it

And when she is threatened its kinda scary

9:26 Leapord: That true

9:26 Hallowed424: Im bigger than her and stronger

9:26 Leapord: And im stronger then yay

9:26 Hallowed424: Well, anyone is taller

9:26 Leapord: *you

9:26 Hallowed424: How so?


IM 4'4

~Terrios528 has gone to battle~ 

9:27 Shystar500: HOLY SHIT

9:27 Hallowed424: Could you kick a car 3 feet? Can you push a half ton truck

9:27 BlackSmithy: WHAT

9:27 DarkHeart413: Wow.


9:27 BlackSmithy: I'm taller than most of you fuck yeah

9:27 PikminKader: I'm taller than you

9:27 Leapord: SHUT UPPPPP

9:27 Hallowed424: Im tallest here

9:27 PikminKader: 5'7" my dudes

9:27 BlackSmithy: I'm 6"0 :D

9:27 Hallowed424: 6'3

9:27 PikminKader: Hot damn you are tall


~Terrios528 has come to the war room.~ 

9:28 Hallowed424: Im not even the tallest in my family 

9:28 Shystar500: 5'1''

9:28 CaptainPhasmaIsTheBest: 5,479

9:28 PikminKader: Lea, Hallowed is your new god

9:28 DarkHeart413: I am just having trouble understanding this.

9:28 Leapord: yup

Hallow your my god

9:28 DarkHeart413: Hallow, you know her irl?

9:28 Hallowed424: I have a cousin who is 6'9

9:28 BlackSmithy: Yeah and 2016 was a really shitty year

9:28 Hallowed424: Yes

9:28 PikminKader: Yes

9:28 Hallowed424: So does The Red Plauge

Or flip

9:28 DarkHeart413: Flip?

9:29 Shystar500: flapjack

9:29 CaptainPhasmaIsTheBest: shy hates him

9:29 Leapord: The Amazing Adventures of Flapjack

9:29 BlackSmithy: she hates me too

~Vuxine has gone to battle~ 

9:29 PikminKader: What are you talkign about Phas?

They are best buds

9:29 Shystar500: I hate everyone

9:29 CaptainPhasmaIsTheBest: shy hates flip

9:29 PikminKader: You hate me ;(

9:30 Shystar500: Oh quit whining

9:30 BlackSmithy: I may or may not have cracked and spammed the chat in august xd

9:30 PikminKader: Shy you hate me? >:(

I am deeply offended!

9:30 DarkHeart413: How did you guys meet?

9:30 Shystar500: oh no

9:30 BlackSmithy: :O

9:30 Leapord: A long time ago

9:31 BlackSmithy: You guys fight in this incarnation :^)

~Vuxine has come to the war room.~ 

9:31 PikminKader: I meet all of these wonderful people and Flip via Shy

9:31 BlackSmithy: But remember :^)

9:31 Shystar500: I refuse


9:31 BlackSmithy: Remember that one incarnation shy :^)

9:31 CaptainPhasmaIsTheBest: i met all of them because of solo

9:31 PikminKader: :^)

9:31 Hallowed424: Cya guys

I gtg

9:31 Leapord: Whos the first person to be here besides Nicole

9:31 Shystar500: SMITHY STFU

9:31 BlackSmithy: o/

9:31 PikminKader: Which incarnation? /I cannot remember/

9:31 Hallowed424: O/

9:31 Leapord: Byeeeee my god


9:31 Hallowed424: No

9:32 Shystar500: adios

9:32 PikminKader: o/

9:32 Hallowed424: I am not your diety

9:32 Leapord: Ok lord

9:32 BlackSmithy: The one where shy and flip were married

9:32 Shystar500: GOD FUCKING-

9:32 PikminKader: Oooooh, that one

* PikminKader is being sarcastic

9:32 * Shystar500 hits head on wall

9:32 * PikminKader puts pillow between head and wall

9:32 CaptainPhasmaIsTheBest: /giggles/

9:33 * PikminKader adds a second one for good luck

9:33 * Shystar500 hits houdini with the pillows

pillow fight, square up

9:33 * PikminKader is being smothered with the pillows

~Hallowed424 has gone to battle~ 

9:33 PikminKader: Oi mate

I'll knock you right up

swear on me mum

9:33 CaptainPhasmaIsTheBest: pillow battle wow

9:33 Leapord: No sec

9:34 PikminKader: If that was supposed to be "No sex", then you can guarantee that there won't be any between a celibate and person who hates said celibate.

9:34 Shystar500: smithy why did you have to bring that up

9:35 * PikminKader squares up with the pillow

Lea be our referee

9:35 Leapord: Your what

9:35 PikminKader: Referee


The person who makes sure no one does anything cheaty

9:35 Leapord: Ok

9:36 Shystar500: dammit

9:36 PikminKader: Okay Shy, you ready to fight?

9:36 Shystar500: probably

9:36 PikminKader: Square up to begin

* PikminKader squares up

9:36 Leapord: Ready



9:36 PikminKader: Up up down down left right left right B A Start

9:36 * Shystar500 hits houdini across the face

9:36 PikminKader: Ouch

That hurt

9:36 CaptainPhasmaIsTheBest: lol

9:37 * PikminKader slaps Shy with his pillow

9:37 Shystar500: How on earth does tjat



9:37 Leapord: White people problems morty

9:37 * PikminKader takes advantage of her being sidetracked by his sarcastic remarks of pain and slaps her in the torso with the pillow

9:38 Shystar500: Idiot

9:38 PikminKader: Clod

9:38 Leapord: Isn't that not aloud

9:38 * Shystar500 hits him in the legs


9:38 * PikminKader is swept off his feet, literally.

9:39 Shystar500: Stay down, moron

9:39 PikminKader: Never, squib!

* PikminKader grabs her legs and makes her fall

9:39 Leapord: 1



9:39 * PikminKader sits on her back

9:39 * Shystar500 swears but keeps balance

Fuck you

9:39 Leapord: 4

9:39 PikminKader: Wait so am I like sitting on your back while you stand up now?

9:40 Shystar500: beats me

9:40 CaptainPhasmaIsTheBest: /eats popcorn/

9:40 * PikminKader swipes at her legs

9:40 Leapord: What started this fight is what I'm wondering

9:40 PikminKader: Incarnations

9:40 The Red Plague: >inb4 amb comes in

9:41 Shystar500: Flapjack stfu

9:41 CaptainPhasmaIsTheBest: okay guys

i need to go

have a nice fight you two

9:41 Leapord: Bye

9:41 PikminKader: Flip, give me one of those tomatoes on the counter


9:41 Shystar500: Rude, dont eat my food

9:41 PikminKader: Not what I plan to do

9:41 Leapord: You throw that your out

9:42 PikminKader: For Ambrose's sake


* PikminKader throws pillow at Shy

~CaptainPhasmaIsTheBest has gone to battle~ 

9:42 DarkHeart413: I have to go to my grandmas place. 

9:42 PikminKader: Okay

9:42 * Shystar500 catches

9:42 DarkHeart413: Bye everyone!

9:42 PikminKader: Bye Brandon


9:42 Leapord: Byeeeee nice talking to you

9:42 Shystar500: dont die

dying is bad for your health

9:43 BlackSmithy: You fuckers all owe me $10

9:43 PikminKader: Fuck now you have two pillows

9:43 BlackSmithy: Brandon coming back counts


9:43 PikminKader: Fuck

9:43 * Shystar500 hits smithy on the head with one

9:43 PikminKader: Can I pay you off with my virginity?

~DarkHeart413 has gone to battle~