A conversation saved and sent by Wysteriaa to IM STILL ALIVE shows a conflict between Wysteriaa, a Venkon, and Beniamin, an Ivich. There isn't much to say about this conversation, but it is possible it will lead to something later.

[7/12/2016 11:03:50 PM] famchild (fandom): Hello.

[7/15/2016 9:05:37 AM] Beniamin: What.

[7/15/2016 9:15:54 AM] famchild (fandom): Are you okay?

[3:03:05 PM] Beniamin: Why do you ask?

[3:10:01 PM] Beniamin: I'm in the process of creating a beautiful story written by Ambrose. He noticed my creativity. He sent me own children, I'm His voice now. I am speaker.

[3:11:17 PM] Beniamin: We're going to kill Nic for the blood. Her blood. He wants to drink it.

[3:33:41 PM] r҉͝e̵s̛po̴̵̧n̸̕siv̴̷e͢: .

[3:33:48 PM] r҉͝e̵s̛po̴̵̧n̸̕siv̴̷e͢: What the hell

[3:34:00 PM] r҉͝e̵s̛po̴̵̧n̸̕siv̴̷e͢: Dude no

[3:34:02 PM] r҉͝e̵s̛po̴̵̧n̸̕siv̴̷e͢: NO

Time skip, as this was all for that day.

[3:38:40 PM] Beniamin: Hail Ambrose.

[3:38:42 PM] Your Best Friend: What are you gonna do to us?

[3:38:44 PM] Your Best Friend: no

[3:38:46 PM] Your Best Friend: Hail Nicole.

[3:38:48 PM] Beniamin: Haha.

[3:38:53 PM] Beniamin: Are you sure?

[3:38:56 PM] Your Best Friend: Yes

[3:39:01 PM] Your Best Friend: Ambrose is a big fat idiot

[3:39:07 PM] Beniamin: You are only stupid human. Fam. 

[3:40:32 PM] Your Best Friend: What the hell

[3:40:36 PM] Your Best Friend: You're a weirdo

[3:40:42 PM] Your Best Friend: All of you demons are weirdos

[3:41:07 PM] Your Best Friend: Especially Ambrose

[3:41:15 PM] Your Best Friend: You will NEVER win

[3:41:20 PM] Your Best Friend: Nicole is gonna kick your asses

[3:41:27 PM] Your Best Friend: and you will bow down to her

[3:41:35 PM] Beniamin: I'm just selected. Mmm, clever.


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