September Silence is an event that took place on the HB Wiki on September of 2014. It lasted about 4-5 weeks as users were caught up with school, time zones were becoming a bigger issue, and most people had left the Wiki around that time because of personal reasons.

This event began when Nicole left the Wiki for a while due to more and more threats were rising as school began. She one day forgot to check in and continued to forget. Though she was not around, users like AlphaguySoloviTheScarletDevil24Alana Katana continued to log on. Users from both teams (Venkons and Ivichs) continued to log on to Wikia, regardless of who was on at the time. Nothing major happened to take note of in the timeline, it is a bit of a forgotten era in the war. Nobody has clear memory of it to tell.

After the September Silence, BD Wiki was made. Very few users were left to come to the new Wiki. Some did not respond/log on at all after The Silence, and some came briefly to the new Wiki.