Being a Venkon isn't easy. Often after becoming one and gaining so much knowledge, one may become skeptical. Skeptical of certain things, or sometimes everything. 

These Skeptics will question everything you throw at them. No matter how much information you give them, they still may not believe anything. They will try to find holes in the information.

It's not the best decision to fight with a Skeptic, but nicely send them information to try to get them to see things differently. They may not believe you at all. It's best if you leave them with their own thoughts.

A Skeptic may stick around the Wiki to try to see what'll change their mind. If they have no interest in staying, once again, do not fight with them on it. Please remember to be nice to them and support their willingness to stay and investigate further.

Some Skeptics may more than likely become a Venkon or a Venkon Supporter themselves. They will rarely, if at all, join the Ivich Army.