"...Did you honestly think I would tell you when we are going to attack? Of course I won't! One day we're just going to be right outside your window as you sleep and work our way in."
— SkyFall77

SkyFall77 is an Ivich that did not arrive until the early parts of Wikia War 2. SkyFall77 had very bad intentions. He joined about July 15th, 2014. He was presumably lead here by Damon Salvatore173 or Common Foundation.

SkyFall77 had a lot of skill when it came to hacking and tracking users. He managed to find where IM STILL ALIVE lived as well as XxDawnShadowsxX later on. He befriended Common Foundation and HackRUS47189039485.

SkyFall often had a very short temper and was easy to snap. He did not talk much, but when he did, he certainly had something to say. He was rather violent and demanding when it came to ordering other Ivichs to do something.

Much later the Venkon Army found out how SkyFall was being treated by the Ivichs. It was enough for Venkon Soldiers to actually pity him. So, we talked things out with SkyFall. He later said as much as he liked the thought of us treating him equally and giving him a good place, he knew he would be caught and killed quickly.

However, just as he was going to accept, Common Foundation told him we were nothing but trouble and that SkyFall needs to live up to his calling. Common Foundation proceeded to insult and threaten SkyFall as he was about to stand up to Ezra, but fell back instead and went back to fighting against us.

Later during July 21st, 2014, SkyFall77 challenged IM STILL ALIVE to a fight behind her house in the field. The field is where all Ivich fights have taken place since Wikia War 1. The fight never happened due to a large storm.

SkyFall fell into a long silence after IM STILL ALIVE departed from Wiki for a while and was not heard from until late July of 2015. He did not speak in the chat room, but he was not away either.