On July 18th, 2015, SkyFall77 was seen on the BD Wiki chat. Weesee II had texted IM STILL ALIVE while she was on vacation, standing in an old war field. Not related to the Wiki War, a real war. She logged on while standing in one of the barracks and came to see that SkyFall77 was indeed on chat.

He had said nothing the whole time. Weesee had been talking to SkyFall77, but received no response from him. SkyFall went away for a bit while WC and Nicole talked about what he could possibly be doing back. Considering he was considered dead, and quite literally dead. 

Nicole kicked SkyFall from chat, but he came back right away, still not saying anything. He kept going away from chat, yet kept coming back from being kicked. He was then banned after being given many chances.

It's still unknown if that really was SkyFall77 himself, a bot using his account, or someone else who had gotten ahold of his account. The intentions and motivation of being there is also unknown.