"Don't cross me."
— Skyper LCH

January 29th, 2017 the Skyper that will be known as "LCH" was friends with Nicole. The two got to know each other better, they never talked even though the two had added each other out of a large group chat. Nicole learned that LCH was very skilled in getting passwords and other bits of valuable information on people online in a matter of minutes. With this in mind, she eventually confronted LCH of her situation and asked if he could help take down Ambrose, at least on the Wiki, with her. 

LCH agreed with helping. Nicole planned to keep it as a gift/surprise for the Venkon Army and was very excited to present it to them when it worked. Unfortunately, as things seemingly were going well, it went downhill.

LCH out of nowhere started to threaten to find Xander, presenting kinds of knowledge that immediately showed that showing LCH The Truth was not needed whatsoever. He had linked Nicole weapons he was reading to make, such as bombs. He was able to pull her name out and her address, then pinpointing Xander's location not long after. His motive to suddenly get Xander made no sense and there is no ability to connect any previous conversations between the two.

Not knowing when LCH or anyone would make the move to bring harm, the Venkons were warned immediately. Xander was messaged on Skype and they were left to hope for the best and that Xander would check it soon. Nicole worked to talk down LCH and ask him why he's doing this. 

He said he was "sick of being thought as someone who isn't a threat" and "being taken advantage of". Confused about the agreement previously made and the statements being made then, she still tried to calm the situation and move aside things said. 

Luckily Xander had gotten the message soon after. He said he could take care of it himself, but there were skeptical remarks and overall too much worry to allow him to confront such a dangerous person alone. After this incident, LCH wasn't seen again. It still isn't known what to expect or where/when he will next pop up.