"The hell are you talking about, man?" - Mikey

Mikey, or better known as Saki to most, is a user who comes off and on the wikias. Mostly prevalent in December 2014 to around February of 2015, they hail from Tails Doll Wikia. User Good Tails Doll, or Tristan, guided him to the wiki, where they stayed for quite some time. 

They've been on and off since the banning of user GabeHarrison49, mostly due to school related activities, and other wikis. They've been more active as of August 2016. They've decent friends with Tristan, and Nicole, and tend to be very courteous. They are more active on Discord, though, if you can even say that.

They knows the minimal combat skills, specializing in mostly close-quartered combat, and is currently training to learn how to fight better with a gun. Their specialty is in the medical field though.

Mikey's a very rambunctious seventeen year old, speaking in all caps whenever they deem it appropriate, and tends to have a rather crude vocabulary. Their manner of speaking can range from proper, to almost text speak, and cursing is involved in nearly everything. They can be serious when needed, however.

They loves anything relating to Steven Universe, Homestuck, and Digimon. They is also an okay artist, writer, and loves to roleplay.

Alternate Accounts include, but are not limited to:

  • Jay Soul Piano (Deleted)
  • Akari-Sun
  • Joltick
  • Horizons Are Limited
  • Do The Windy Thing
  • Jay Merrik

The listed account of the title is currently unused, due to security issues that Mikey feels are apparent.

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