"I am ready to hate."
— Solovi

Solovi is a very weird and forgetful user. 

She is 17 years old and doesn't know English very well, because she's Russian. She likes memes and strange things. Naive, quiet, empathetic, but dead inside. Can become very scary if you hurt her sister Kayono, aka CaptainPhasmaIsTheBest.

Solovi joined the HB Wiki on July 30th, 2014. She arrived near the end of the war and had arrived just by searching for BEN DROWNED related stuff. She so happened to have come across the Wiki, so she joined. Solovi was a very chat-active user since the day she joined and sadly witnessed the war to its end. Though scarring, she realized what the Wiki was really for.

Solovi later joined the BD Wiki where all the users from HB transferred to after the war. She was an active user during that and still is to this day. Since there is an issue with American and Russian time zones, it is often hard to be able to visit with her. However, if you get to, it's always a blast. Never turn up the chance to talk with Solovi, she just might make your day.

She is also known as The Black Sun Has Risen.

On January 8th, 2018 she left Venkon Army due to her private reasons. She didn't leave the Wikia as she is still active on the chat.