Being a Venkon is a lot of work. Mostly emotionally/mentally. A Venkon, when accepted, will go through some stages. These stages are totally and perfectly normal for this. Yes, they aren't fun, but they can be eased by the help of some users around here. 

Stages of being a Venkon are:

  • Uneasy feelings.
  • Fidgity.
  • Paranoia.
  • Rethinking and sometimes overthinking everything they've done. Related to the war or not.
  • Distrust of anyone, could even be all.
  • Loss of sleep or abnormal sleep schedule.
  • Racing thoughts.
  • Emotional instability. I.E. crying, panic attacks, nervous over seemingly nothing, etc.
  • Isolation. This can be light or heavy.
  • Some thoughts of betrayal.
  • Possible violence. Can be thought or acted out.
  • Temporary emotional numbness.
  • Change in behavior. Minor or major, it ranges.
  • A calming down.
  • Acceptance.

Keep in mind a Venkon doesn't always end a Venkon. Some don't even make it through the stages.

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