From July 22nd, 2015 to July 23rd, 2015, Illusions and Fear (confirmed alt of Common Foundation) came to the BD Wiki. He was on the Wiki to tell the users they had to shut the wiki down because it was tearing other places apart. Mostly claimed was the Creepypasta Wiki, which no users had involvement in. To begin this, he told the users it would require everyone with user rights would need to be demoted right away, including the founder.

Nobody followed his requests. Everyone was persistent to keeping the wiki up and putting in his head they're not going to listen. For one, they didn't know who he was. Two, it seemed very sudden and poorly planned. This angered Illusions as he was sure he knew what he was doing more than the others.

Illusions pushed to get people to believe he knew what he was talking about. This didn't work, no matter how much he tried. He was quick to anger and threatened to shut the Wiki down very fast. As more users began to join the chat, the more he begged for someone to listen to him. He was given several warnings and later banned from the chat for good.

Right after his ban, he reverted to leaving messages on talk pages instead. Below will be everything he has left on pages.


I dont care what happened to you, your friend or thi place. i dont care about you at all! Not anymore now that you had to be a total bitch, i wouldve thought after six months you wouldve calmed the fuck down and grew up. You havent been fighting shit for 6 years, i have not once encourted any of your hackers but you seem to think i have. You can stay in your madness and paranoia all you want, none of this effects me n the slightest. I wish you would listen to me for once but hey if you want to be irrational and ban me thats cool. I see you like to ban me more than you like to ban the hackers, it funny really im sure you just do it for attention now. You think everyone is out to get you. If you got hacked thats your own fault, people who get hacked do something wrong. 

See that message you just sent me thats the kind of thing im talking about, your foolish and young but i guess you will get the message eventually. For now though i will be shutting down your wilki, in fact anyone can have a wiki shut down, and your unwilingness to stop inciting drama and your completel lack of seeing how your actions are effectiong others i might just let it stand and let you learn the hard way. Its not about me Nicole, all of your previous wiki'a have suffered the same damage and loss but you just cant seem to get the point and make a change. I wont wrestle with it i havent decided yet what ill do but maybe ill just let you see for yourself that i was only trying to help, but by that point it will only be too late. Illusions And Fear (talk) 18:32, July 22, 2015 (UTC)

its all your fault Nicole, you want to knlw what i think and not them? You caused it you are at fault but your friends here say "oh its not her fault" and "oh dont blame poor nicole" You twelve year old peice of shit you know what youve done now take responsibilty for it. You surround yourself with enablers so that you dont have to put up with it, it really is hilarious. All the trust you delirously put into people who hurt you and never put into people trying to help and you would much rather send them all away. You cant hide behind a computer screen all your life. they are coming for you and i tried to stop them. Good luck though, you certainly died young.Illusions And Fear (talk) 19:03, July 22, 2015 (UTC)

Weesee II's Page

youve got some hate, ill make sure you get to see it first hand. Illusions And Fear (talk) 23:45, July 22, 2015 (UTC)

No but you might want to stop wasting my time and focus on your bigger problems, beleive me they will be showing themselves to you soon enough. For now though you need to just wait patiently. Illusions And Fear(talk) 00:27, July 23, 2015 (UTC)

what now you want answers? Hmph thats hilarious no i dont think ill tell you :) Illusions And Fear (talk) 00:47, July 23, 2015 (UTC)