The Composer arrived to BEN DROWNED Wiki on May 14th, 2015. He came to the Wiki because Nicole's situation with the Ivich Army had been leaked to the main chat of Community Central. He said he had read the blog and was interested in helping. He told Nicole he had genuine interest in helping her with the war and said he could provide information for the team.

Right away he was taken in and had given the team very valuable information. Later, though, it was found the information he had given to everyone was false. He had mistaken the situation to be a role-play of sorts. What sparked the anger is the fact The Composer has been around enough to witness some events. Since he had been wasting their time with false evidence and constant drama, he was banned.

After his ban, The Composer insisted on coming back with alts and trying to take on new personalities to try to stay on the Wiki. The alts consisted of GuardianOfNicole and SpringtimeWithHitler. The GuardianOfNicole account was to prove his sudden loyalty and desire to actually help in the war. It's responsible for recording Saved Chat: 6/6/15 and uploading it to his blog. SpringtimeWithHitler came next, after his GuardianOfNicole account was banned. SpringtimeWithHitler was seen in Community Central Chat and thought to be another person because his personality was hidden so well.

Neither of the accounts returned to the BEN DROWNED Wiki after that. Joel later made a Wiki dedicated to the book "Catcher In The Rye" with a new account plus his account running it. The new account was Thecatcherintherye309, who was also the founder of the Wiki. This accounts personality was the hardest to find out if it was Joel in the first place. 

Later Nicole got his Skype to talk about Joel and why they're fighting. What she didn't know was that they were the same person. The harsh things said didn't faze her when the revealing came about, but also gave Joel a look at how she and everyone else on the Wiki viewed him and his actions. Even after trying to apologize repeatedly on several Skype accounts, he was not forgiven. Joel did still have Nicole's number and has contacted her from multiple numbers after each one is blocked. 

To this day, Joel is still trying to come back the Wiki's and find the newer one. He hasn't been forgiven yet, and might not ever be.

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