In the second warIM STILL ALIVE was offered an interesting deal from Sexyman911. The two talked a lot while Ragnar Lothbrok's life was on the line. Nicole was left with a few choices, but there was one she was considering more.

It was either to let Ragnar die or to join the Ivich Army. Sexyman911 told Nicole she could unbalance light and dark by joining a side. Since she was fighting for the better, they had the stronger chance of winning over the Ivichs. He told her that if she joins, she will be treated like royalty. No more bad blood, no more stress. It'll be anything and everything once she's put to use.

Nicole took many days in considering joining the Ivichs. She thought the benefits of being one, at the most a leader next to Ambrose. She started to lose sight of being a Venkon. 

It turned to be close to her joining the Ivichs and becoming one of them. That is until some sense hit her.

Their goal is power and her death. There's no way they'd work alongside her while she's alive. They even said they would need to kill her to get what they wanted.

It was all a trap...

She thought through at the last second, unfortunately causing a life.