"Here we are."
— Terrios528

Terrios528 is a member of the Venkon Army. They came to the Wiki on June 2nd, 2016 after hearing about it from another Wiki IM STILL ALIVE had been on for some time. The link to the Wiki was given out privately. Terri was interested, so they came to the Wiki to look further into it and ask questions. 

Besides reading The Truth, they took their own time on reading other articles on the Wiki. The same day Terri arrived, the same day they wanted to help out. Terri signed up to the Pending for Venkon Army list and was accepted in not long after.

Their long stay to the army and to the Wiki has allowed them to meet AmbroseMalachai. They also witnessed Claus returning to the Venkons, Ambrose returning, Shattered Promises (Weesee and Scar's betrayal), and bits of ItsTimeFor and SanguineS around the chat room spilling information. 

Terri also owns an alternate account called SolarisSword, as given to them when their main account (Terrios528) was globally banned while using their Kindle. It's not banned on the computer, yet it is on their Kindle. 

They're known to be funny, patient, and willing to help out with any questions someone may have.