On April 21st, 2017, ThE MaNY Ey3d edited the page Him with the text below. It's explaining what this exactly is and why we should fear this being. Such an edit can only mean they're coming soon and this is what we will need to face along with Ambrose Malachai and his Ivich Army

To whatever this thing is, it's possible this will be much more than we've dealt with before in the wars. We aren't sure what form this will take yet. 

The edit done by TME has been erased from the page it was originally on and archived here.

ThE MaNY Ey3d's Edit:

You insolent FOOLS.


The Many

We Are

We Become

We Make



He Is

He Was

He Will Be

The Many

He Makes

He Destroys

He cares not for insignificant life

Time and Space

They will be devoured

You will be destroyed

Forget everything you will ever know

The Many Are Coming

When He Comes

You Will End.

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