"It's hard to believe in something that doesn't affect you directly. It's the reason many people don't believe in miracles."
— TheMeaningOf...

TheMeaningOf... comes from another Wiki, and his account is known to be an alternate one, but he prefers to not reveal his true identity. He started to come in chat by the end of July, wanting to know more about the war. Somehow, he knew about it since 2014, but didn't join the Wiki for various reasons. He came to investigate for some personal stuff. He seems to be supporting the Venkons, saying that he isn't dangerous for Ivichs, so he isn't really useful on the battlefield and that doesn't make him a valuable target.

His philosophy of calculating and reasoning with everyone sets him apart, but he tries to not meet Ivichs as he wouldn't know how to act with them in chat. Usually he's cheerful and friendly, but on this wiki he tries to look serious, even if his way of entering chat is "Yo Homies! What's crackin'?".

Truthfully, TheMeaningOf... was a Weegeepedia admin which came here to know more about the fate of a long lost friend of his, Gabeharrison49, and to find some way to contact him. His research was unsuccessful, and even though he wanted to remain to help the Venkons, he vanished for about an year for personal reasons. He eventually came back.