"Every light has its darkness. Every darkness has its light. Not all angels have good intentions."
— TheScarletDevil24

TheScarletDevil24 is a fellow member of the BEN DROWNED CP Community. She had arrived to the HB Wiki. Scarlet was thought to be up to no good. She joined during Wikia War 2, everyone was a suspect in one way or another. 

After the September Silence, she was one of the first to respond to getting to the new Wiki. Since this user is a part of/fan of the website known as "Within Hubris", she still is devoted to helping the Wiki among other users. She has close connections to the WH users.

Because of timezones, she couldn't always come right away to the Wiki Chat. 


After the event with Weesee II, TheScarletDevil24 said she wasn't going to come back to Wikia. There were no fights to make her stay. Revealed hours later by Dud-g-eye, it was said TheScarletDevil24 stayed just to watch the Venkons freak out and laugh at them. For this, her position as Venkon has been removed, and she has been banned. Later, it was learned that she was in on Weesee's hacking, for this, she has now been dubbed a Traitor.