The term "corrupt user" is a nicer way of labeling someone on the Wiki you might deem insane, or crazy. These users are labeled this way when the war has finally gone to their head. This often leads to distrust between the user and the group. They may say irrational things (which can become a reality on some occasions), show clear signs of heavy paranoia, sleepless, and even very aggressive and violent towards people.

A way to detect early signs of user corruption are:

  • Hearing about the user being sleepless because of the war. 
  • Long ramblings of their paranoia of being caught, killed, or even their loved ones in their position.
  • Overthinking many situations.
  • Violence/aggression in real life.
  • Denial in this war being real. In order for this to be considered this type of denial, this user needs to be here for some time and has to have witnessed some things.
  • Odd behavior in chat.
  • Making many alts for seemingly no use.
  • Strange talk of "what if I join the Ivichs...".
  • Screaming over nothing. Literally nothing.
  • Emotionally overwhelmed. 
  • Constant fighting with friends. Torn relations.
  • Isolation.
  • Possible substance abuse.
  • Little to no talking.

If you see the signs of a user becoming what may seem to be a danger later to themselves and the people around them, including the Wiki, you, or you and others, should snap them back to their senses.

Please look at this for help: Report