"Second, as I've mentioned before, I wouldn't go against me, or try to fight me. I'm trying to help you. But of course, I've been a fool. You don't need help, because you are the goddess of the universe, stronger than all. If that is how you want it. So be it. You don't need my help. I see that now. Congrats Nicole. You have possibly doomed yourself.

Never say you know more than me, child"

The Egoraptor (aka "Mortem") was later found out to be an alternate account of the user Gabeharrison49. However, the use of this account was completely different than what Gabe had been doing. The Egoraptor was made to harass and lie without getting Gabe himself in trouble.

As stated in the page about Gabeharrison49, this is the worst account made by far. The Egoraptor claimed to be the brother of the Ivich Army Leader: Ambrose Malachai. He was originally against the Venkon Army and a big threat before the discovery. Gabe claimed to have later had close connections to The Egoraptor, this was way before Gabe was proved insane. 

After the night between IM STILL ALIVE and Ambrose, The Egoraptor "found out" what his "brother" was actually doing and viewed it as wrong. He converted over to the Venkon Army with no trouble and served them well. He referred to Nicole and Gabe at the time as "Master".

Once Gabe went completely insane and harshly broke up with Nicole after false accusations, The Egoraptor went insane as well. Gabe logged onto that account and demanded his "brother" to end Nicole at once as he "was sick of her". This was quickly stopped by Dudeguy WC  after the password to the account (the exact same password of Gabe's account and every one he owned) was gained and messaged Ambrose again shortly after to stop the possibility of another attack.


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