No matter who you are, no matter how safe you think you might be, you have just as much as a chance of being swayed to join the Ivichs as everyone else. Their methods often go undetected when used and by the time you catch what's going on, it's too late. Look for these:

  • Often a Ivichs might try to trick you into thinking there's a promised reward. This can be anything you can imagine. 
  • Offer to spare your life and anyone of your choosing.
  • They may show off their abilities to make it seem like they have a better chance of winning. It could blind your memory on what you're fighting for.
  • They will guilt trip you. This could include giving off a sad, lonely, depressed, or pained image. 
  • Ivichs are known to brag about their lifestyle and what it's like to be one of them. It's portrayed as a life of luxery. This is a lie.

This list will be updated the more tactics are caught onto.