"What is this madness?"
— TolfTolf

TolfTolf (originally TheTwoLeggedFascist) is a user from the FutureOfEuropes Wiki. His Skype is Grxxvi and is unresponsive to any Venkon Soldiers.

As of June 18th, 2015, TolfTolf agreed to helping the Venkon Army in our fight against the Ivich. This was because the user known as "Lumiv " appeared. TolfTolf explained that it was his cousin who is a mastermind when it comes to hacking and computers. 

Lumiv made rather short visits to our chat room over at the BD Wiki with nothing but hate and threats. Lumiv suddenly went silent and TolfTolf later told more information about Lumiv.

Lumiv fell completely silent weeks later and it wasn't until mid-August we heard from him again. This also goes for Kalasta. However, Jagyel made no appearence. What was confusing was that Lumiv said before that he had beaten up Kalasta and Jagyel before they reached North Dakota (the state IM STILL ALIVE lives in), but on April 23rd, 2015, Jagyel had come to chat around 9 P.M. and called IM STILL ALIVE a "runner." As in a coward. This pretty much indicated he was indeed in the field as he said he was going to be to wait for Nicole. 

By mid-August, Kalasta had said that him and Lumiv kidnapped TolfTolf and were about to kill him for helping us. Since the long absence of the two were rather eerie and their sudden return was a surprise, this shook everybody up. Later months, users finally started checking if TolfTolf has come back at all, and it has said he has come back.

This mistake grew our suspicions as to him being both Lumiv, Kalasta and Jagyel. Later IM STILL ALIVE sent a request to Wikia Staff to check any matching IP addresses between the users and they all came back matching.


After Nicole did a bit of talking with a Wikia VSTF member about what TolfTolf has done, an IP check was done on all of his accounts. Every account, including his own, has been globally blocked for good.