The two long time friends Tyler.brown.372661 and Taylor were both part of the second war. They were real life friends of IM STILL ALIVE and some of her other friends. Taylor and Tyler were both later introduced and informed on the war situation after asking about it. Tyler sooner than Taylor. They both were off to help in any way they could without getting in too much danger.

Ever since hearing and learning about the wars, tension grew between Tyler and Taylor. They were no longer really friends anymore, more enemies. They started becoming corrupt very fast. It grew worse the longer Tyler and Taylor talked. 

Later, Nicole turned it into a race in her head. She realized they were racing each other to become corrupt the fastest and feel no more pain without realizing doing so. This was seen in many phonecalls and many messages exhanged reporting on the both of them from seperate people, if not them.

It was like a coin flip, one was bound to be shown first. Taylor beat Tyler to it. Taylor had gotten into a fight with Nicole. He told her many harsh things. It ended in him deciding to side with the Ivichs. Tyler never became corrupt, but he did suffer depression and suicidal thoughts for a long time. As well as self harm and violent outbursts. 

Neither of them have been cured at all. They lost communication. Tyler ended up moving out of the state and Taylor was never heard from again.

It's still unknown what happened to them.